ra-logo-1In 1959 Ron Shumann began working for Bob Kammerman. Ron & Bob operated Wisconsin Amusement in Racine. Wisconsin Amusement purchased Cap’s Amusement in 1963 also operating in Racine and formed Racine Amusement. Operating out of a small warehouse at 1729 LaSalle St.

In 1975 Ron purchased Bob’s half of Wisconsin Amusement and operated the entire business as Racine Amusement till 1988. Ron sold Racine Amusement to long time employee (12 years) Chuck Beth July 1, 1988. Then on January 1st 1993 Racine Amusement Incorporated and is still operating today. August 1st 2004 Racine Amusement moved to 1300 N. Memorial Dr. where we still work today. At Racine Amusement service is our number one priority.

We offer service from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Midnight on Friday and Saturday) 365 days a year. We have everything you need including Internet Juke Boxes, Pool Tables, Dart machines, Video Games, Pinball, Crane games and more. We can also help with Plaques and Trophies. How about our Dart Leagues? Racine Amusement runs state of the art computerized dart leagues FIVE nights a week. Don’t miss the Racine Amusement City Dart Tournament or the W.A.M.O. State Dart Tournament. Chuck of Racine Amusement also runs the Northside pool league and the Southside pool league.

Racine Amusement is a proud member of W.A.M.O. (Wisconsin Amusement & Music Operators), A.M.O.A. (Amusement & Music Operators Association), Racine City Tavern League, and the T.L.W. (Tavern League of Wisconsin).

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