Adding players at the board does not add them to your roster. If you want them on your roster, you must put in the full name and have an open roster spot and that player will then be put on your roster by Racine Amusement. If you put in the full name and that player is still not on your roster, that means you don’t have an open spot. If you want that player put on your roster, call Racine Amusement to drop someone to make room for the new player.

Players added at the board do not get a handicap until they're on your roster

City locations that have league matches against county teams will be played remotely. This means you play that match at your home bar and it must be on the G3 board. County teams play their matches from their bar. Captains must contact each other before & during the match. Phone numbers are posted on the schedules. Do not set up the match until contact is made & both teams are ready to start.


To set up remote match....

1. Go to League Menu

2. Choose Remote League

3. Select the league 

4. Select YOUR TEAM first

5. Pick home or away (based on what the schedule says you are)

6. Select the opposing team.